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Tourism recovery gradually, the magic are Shanghai how to heighten the first shot?

Date: 2020-08-07

North to guangzhou, as the number one in the city of China, not only output the main tourist crowd, also occupies the tourist crowd of urban life high.After 172 days, swim across provinces, tourism recovery press "accelerated" button.Experience lockout for months, how tourism under the new situation facing the plight of again, how will we do to cope with the change of try again whether it is right?

Impact and opportunity, change and current situation, thinking and in the future, in the process of gradual recovery of tourism, to spy out the outbreak era, Shanghai tourism way of change.

Recently, the phoenix brigade watch will launch China urban brigade revival plan to observe, stay tuned.

Outbreak was built in 2035 in Shanghai high quality target the world famous tourism city in terms of a certain pressure.However, the impact of the Shanghai currently facing, recovery factor and related leading role for the country also has a certain universality and significance.

Look: Shanghai tourism under the outbreak

The impact of outbreak of Shanghai tourism

Shanghai tourism in recent years has entered mature period, and a slight increase.But since January 24 Shanghai announced the launch of a major public health emergency level response mechanism, tourism Numbers plummeting.On January 30, the abolition of all inbound and outbound cruise trip in Shanghai.Influenced by the global outbreak and immigration policy, in the first half of the Shanghai inbound tourists decreased by more than 80% compared with the same period last year.In April, the number of inbound tourists reached its lowest point in Shanghai, and compared with the same period last year declined by more than 97%.Since may, the Shanghai tourism recovery, albeit slowly.

Shanghai outbound tourists are also dropped by more than 80% compared with the same period last year, but from the data and trend of tourism is different from month to month.Shanghai outbound tourism market trend is worsening, until June, Shanghai outbound tourism market has decreased by more than 99% compared with the same period last year, has stalled.

From the point of domestic travel, after the outbreak of Shanghai thousands of tour venues to suspend opening to the outside world, more than 20 people team tourists such as cancel the trip.Because Shanghai epidemic prevention measures, proper, Shanghai citizens and the surrounding provinces of tourists and consumer confidence in the recovery.Since March 24th zero, Shanghai major emergent public health event emergency response level by level of response is adjusted for the secondary response;Since May 9, 2020, Shanghai will be the new crown pneumonia epidemic emergency response level by the provincial major sudden public health incident changed the secondary response to triple response.In the first half of the affected by the epidemic prevention and control of active, the number of domestic tourists in Shanghai reduced less than 50% compared with the same period last year.

Black swan flew over, bring to tourism?

1, the travel agency business is still restricted by policy, the recovery is slow

In the first half of 2020, affected by the outbreak, the Shanghai travel agency business performance fell sharply, outreach and the group's core business year-on-year decline in more than 80% mostly.Domestic group travel in July has been released, but the necessary condition is still not very mature, so the recovery of the market is still lag, international and domestic travel agency business is still very difficult.

2, tourist accommodation industry business performance is still down significantly, and industry-wide losses

Shanghai star-rated hotels in March after the average occupancy rate started to rise, house prices also rose after the trend in June, and by the end of June in Shanghai lodging industry return to work and production rate is over ninety percent.But overall, in the first half of 2020 the industry losses, and losses of enterprises is far more than half.In addition, as of the end of June rental rates has not been restored to the same period last year seventy percent level, average house prices compared with the same period last year is still serious.

3, tourism scenic area traffic have rebounded, but growth bottleneck is more obvious

Shanghai scenic tourist visitors in March in explosive growth;In April of quarter-on-quarter growth continues to double;Positive effect in May because of the "May Day" golden week, tourist visitors still sharp growth, rose more than 30% month-on-month.But growth is falling fast in June, the tourist visitors is far lower than in May, but still slightly higher than in April.In addition, Shanghai tourists mainly surrounding provinces and Shanghai, more than three hours' drive from the market recovery is relatively slow.